Soapra – Flights of Fancington

Intrigue in the main seat

Soapra – Flights of Fancington is a game about deception, lies, grandeur and generally being very fancy.

The game takes place within the fictional world of soap opera television, where the players take up roles as members of the Wealthwood family. Throughout the game the players battle through the different seasons of the series to determine, who is the most fanciful of them all!
The game heavily relies of secrecy and deception, as the players may choose to advance the show with regular stories, or with secrets intended only to be revealed at the season finally.

Tell your own soap opera story

Soapra is very heavily inspired by various soap operas and strives to simulate the same experience. The players are encouraged to create strife, lie to each other, make back-handed deals and generally play with the secretive life of the soap operas. The excessive wealth of the family allows the players to explore a wide array of settings and events with which to tell their stories.

Game Scope 2018 interview

During the 2018 Game Scope game festival in Aalborg we were interviewed about Soapra and what it’s like being a start-up company.

The Wealthwoods

The players play as members of the Wealthwood family. Which, incidentally, is not a nice and loving family. Few of the relationships carry any affection at all and each member would sell out the rest for personal gain.

Malory – Malory Wealthwood is the defacto matriarch of the family, as she is the oldest living member. Malory has little love for her children and try to spite them at every turn.

George – George Wealthwood is the oldest of Malory’s two sons, but dispite having age seniority, he has been passed by as the head of the family business. Some say it was his own choice and that he would rather dedicate himself to a life of lesiure. Others, however, say that is it to protect the family against potential backlast from his unnatural love of the equestian.

Charles – Charles Vinticticus Wealthwood the 3rd is the youngest of the Wealthwood brothers and has a serious head for business. He runs the daily operations of the family business, manages the funds and is a bit of a stick in the mud. Or, he was since the tragic incident, where he lost his former wife. Now what is left of his love is divided between his daughter, Jessica, and his new wife-to-be, Maria.

Jessica – Jessica Mercedes Wealthwood embodies the word spoiled brat in every aspect of the word. Never having to raise a finger of her own, except maybe to spind her father around it to suit her desires, knows of nothing else than a life of leisure. However, her hold over her father has vained since the arrival of his new love interest, Maria, whom Jessica holds in very, very low regard, fearing that she may steal her father away from her.

Maria – Maria Santana Wealthwood is the only member of the family who isn’t blood and especially Malory likes to remind her of this, as well as her heritage. Maria, unlike the rest of the family, grew up in a working family and has never known the sweet temptation of excessive capital. Until now. She and Charles met during his trip around the world, after which he brought her back to Fancington.